Bees, chickens and purple rabbits

Tue 17 April 2012

Fridays have just become even more special as its the day that Bob usually comes up to check on our Cornish Black Bees.  Bob is a passionate bee keeper who is working with us to build up the stock of black bees and by Autumn 2013 we should be bottling up Little White Alice honey for our guests. That’s what you call local produce.

The girls have arrived and what a wonderful flock they make with Columbian, Rhodes Rock, Speckledy, light Sussex, Sussex Rock and my favourite Blue Bell Maran. They are point of lay and hopefully in the next few weeks we should see a few eggs appearing.  We’ll get them settled before we introduce the rooster who is due to arrive in a couple of weeks. 

Between the chickens and the bees lies the veg patch and we’ve been busy this spring clearing and starting to plant up. We already have a good supply of salad leaves and hopefully by June should have a few more home grown produce to tempt our guests with.

Did I mention the sausages.  Maureece and Boris have been supplying us, our family, friends and guests with the best sausages and chops you’ve ever tasted. Their field has now had time to rest and in a couple of weeks we’ll be picking up our four new weaners.

People sometime associate Little White Alice with Alice in Wonderland and the white rabbit but we are rather fond of this purple rabbit which was made by one of the guests during a craft session in The Studio over the Easter Holidays.  We ran a number of craft sessions over the holidays and guests made not only mosaics but also played around with willow making hearts and fish. 

Whilst not crafting the guests were out cycling with bikes delivered by Explorer Cycle. They’ve been exploring and discovering the extraordinary landscape of the Mineral Tramways Mining Trails Network which is nearly 40 miles of adventure and discovery for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

After all that activity there is only one place to end your day and that is relaxing in the hot tub. Cheers guys!

May is one of my favourite months in Cornwall and its often one of the warmest of the year.  We are taking this opportunity to offer 20% off our larger cottages if occupied by two or less guests for holidays taken during May 2012.  I’m planning to  go exploring more this May on horseback with Lanner Equestrian Centre, on my own rusty bike along the tramways, on my kayak up the rivers and walking with the trusty Marley.  Why not join us on one of our adventures.