The Ecologist, River Cottage recipes and broody chickens

Thu 7 June 2012

We hosted Lisa Ann Stephens and her partner for a weekend of sustainable luxury in The Oak House in May and she wrote a fantastic review about us for The Ecologist I’m very excited to hear that The Ecologist and Resurgence magazines are merging, should be a really creative and informative new magazine. Lisa is a bit of a secret chicken fancier and she was most impressed with Mrs Speckley our really broody hen. Should I let her have some chicks?? 

Meanwhile all our other chickens are laying really well and we’ve been using their eggs to make cakes for our welcome hampers and given some to our guests for breakfast.  My favourite recipe has got to be Frittata from Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Vegetable book. Fantastic way of using up leftover veg and many eggs. I’ve even designed a new box for our eggs - to think I started life as a fine art printmaker making large multi-plate etchings and now I’m making egg box labels.  Wonder if Picasso ever did one?

Meanwhile with all this wind blowing the more positive winds of change have changed direction and our wind turbine is all set to now be moved to its new home  in our nature reserve out of sight of the neighbours, the MOD and with Cornwall Councils blessing.  The only downside is the rather large bill we have to pay but at least we will be a step closer to our original ethos to be fully self sufficient in energy and water.  It has taken nearly 3 years of endless negotiation to reach this point. Unbelievable.

Back to animals and on a more positive note for all you dog owners we’ve decided to make one of our 2 bedroom cottages dog friendly.